The History of our Club
Public Speaking Club Toronto


Club meetings began in May 2003 as a Toastmasters Public Speaking Club Toronto for procurement professionals seeking to improve communication and presentation skills (PMAC Toastmasters Club). They named the club PMAC after “Purchasing Managers Association of Canada”. While maintaining its original name, PMAC Toastmasters has since become a club open to anyone wishing to join.

Public speaking club toronto, entrepreneurs are welcome.

The spirit of our meetings is positive, supportive and fun. Through the years, PMAC Toastmasters has achieved great reviews from fellow Toastmasters and guests alike for impromptu speeches of our members. The ability of developing ideas quickly and effectively while speaking in front of an audience is a challenging tool we enjoy using the most.

In early 2014, the club was renamed to Visionary Toastmasters Club to accomodate the vast number of members who were entrepreneurs or self-employed and joined the program to help them in their businesses.

Visionary Toastmasters Club Toronto currently consists of 16 individuals and is accepting new members. A few additional visitors and new or returning guests are usually in attendance at each club meeting.



Guests may attend meetings, please email us by following this link.


Public Speaking Club Toronto