I desperately needed Toastmasters as anxiety and nervousness was something I struggled with in life…..

I was the shy introvert and speaking in groups made me so nervous that I feel I missed out a lot in life— during my school days and start of my working life alike.

The difference Toastmasters has made in my life is phenomenal. I now love doing what I once feared the most. I have so many good things to say about Toastmasters!

It is such a positive and encouraging environment. And the camaraderie, fun and laughs we have, as I continue to learn and grow, are something I look forward to coming back to every week.

I have no intention of ever leaving Toastmasters!

Elizabeth Andrade (Member  for 7 years)


When I first learned of Toastmasters and after experiencing a meeting as a guest, I was very interested in joining a club to improve my communication skills, especially suited to help with my entrepreneurial ventures. After contacting a few different clubs in my area, I was pleasantly surprised at the congenial and courteous atmosphere that surrounded this club.

I have been a member of Visionary Toastmasters Club (formerly PMAC Toastmasters) for over seven years. Throughout my experience, the members have consistently been honest, very supportive and contributed valuable feedback. I have also had the pleasure of being the club president, VP of Education as well as being a mentor for new members.”



I have been a part of this club for the past 7 years. Before I started my development in the club I was afraid of speaking in front an audience. I felt nervous and anxious (to get the speaking over with), now I feel comfortable, confident and I love to speak. Being a part of Toastmasters has both helped my personal and professorial life. It has done wonders in my life. I have developed leadership skills, communication, and personal growth.



From being shy even to introduce myself to my classmates, to freely asking my questions in conferences with hundreds of participants… Toastmaster has set me free from one of my biggest self-made prisons.

Speaking in public had always been a big puzzle for me to solve. I’d always been thinking hard about various aspects of my fear of public speaking, I’d always been trying to find solutions to those puzzles, but joining Visionary Toastmasters club opened a new window to my mind. It taught me that I don’t have to figure out all the roots to my fear, rather I can do public speaking and let my brain and body deal with my fears.

The Unique friendly environment of Visionary Toastmasters club, supportive and non-judgmental environment, and the opportunity to practice every week (in contrary to most of the clubs) made it a fruitful experience for me.



As a graduate student, I need to do a lot of presentations. Before joining Toastmasters, I was always afraid of presentations and had to memorize my whole speech word-by-word! However, now I feel comfortable and look forward to my presentations.

I joined Visionary Toastmasters club about a year ago. Since then, I have gradually become much more confident in myself and my ability to present myself to others. Visionary Toastmasters club provided me a supportive environment, in which I had grown. I recommend joining Toastmasters to whoever is interested in personal development.